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What is TaxiQ?

TaxiQ is a simple yet intelligent system that enables it’s users to order taxi services. It connects taxiq drivers with end users looking for their services in quick and easy way, giving both parties a convenient form of communication, security, allows to save time and money.

What do we offer?
Convenience -
You do not know the address of where you are, or do not have the phone number to the corporation in the city you visit, and yet TaxiQ connect you with the closest taxis in the area.
Security -
increasing both the level of safety for passengers and taxi drivers.
Save time -
you order the next available cab, without ringing, and checking for availability of taxis in several different corporations.
Choice -
you can order a taxi in advance or look for ones with special features (credit cards, child safety seat, air conditioning, etc.).
Why TaxiQ?

It is a unique proposition in the market aimed at the most demanding. We wanted to create a simple, yet useful and efficient service, and this is the idea behind the creation of our system architecture, functionality and specially prepared offer for taxi drivers offer.


Cookies are files that store information or allow to gain access to information already stored on the users device during or after a visit to website, including the taxiQ application.

Cookies used on taxiQ do not store personal data and are used among other things to remember user preferences. Some of the functionality of our application will not work if the user does not consent to the installation of cookies. For example, it will not be possible to save preferences like 'minicab'.

Information for Users:

What kind of cookies we use?

  • Persistent cookies are files that are stored on the device of the user, even after closing web site. The purpose of storage and access to this information by the application is storing user preferences, such as remembering the "Minicab" setting. The purpose of this function is to allow the automatic exclusion of drivers providing such a service. The user expressly consents to the storage of that information on a device.
  • Session cookies, are required by taxiQ to maintain the proper exchange of information between the server and the browser and thus the possibility of properly displaying the information in the application. The purpose of storage and access to this information by taxiQ is to identify the session (dialogue between the browser and the server) and users communicating with the server at the same time.
  • Cookies of external entities with which taxiQ works, allow outside companies to store information about traffic and user behavior on websites. The purpose of storage and access to this information by taxiQ is to collect data on traffic to website. These are not personal data. Example of the company that provide analytical services for taxiQ is Google.

You are important!

How often do you get a chance to participate in something new / unique on a partnership basis and thus have an impact on vision, direction and shape the development of the project?

Well, TaxiQ offers you - taxi drivers - just that!

TaxiQ allows taxi drivers to acquire orders thourgh mobile phone, offering fast and simple service connecting you directly with customers

Every taxi driver joining TaxiQ can receive up until one year* access to the service for FREE!

*By joining TaxiQ initially you will receive three months free access to the service. Then, for each new user introduced by you, who will be accepted by TaxiQ you will get an extra month free. Up to a total of 9 months.

All you need is:

  • Android based phone with TaxiQ terminal application installed
  • mobile data plan from your provider

Do not wait any longer, just download the TaxiQ driver application today and start helping us to shape your future!

Help with TaxiQ driver application installation:

Application installation

Application manual:

How to handle orders

Use MiniCabs